Team of the Year

GBA Team of the Year (TOTY) for 2013-2014

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2013-2014 GBA Team of the Year

revised thru Douglas
1 Sauced Hogs Smoke Shack 238
2 Smokin’ 42 BBQ 216
3 Cookin’ With Stump 162
4 Bethel Smokers 152
5 92 BBQ 141
6 Bubba Grills 140
7 H & J BBQ 100
8 Just Smoken Around 90
9 Fiddler’s Barbecue 86
10 TC’s BBQ 86
11 Swine Time Grillin Team 81
12 Lightning Strike BBQ 74
13 Old Henry’s BBQ 66
14 Smokin-AJ’s 64
15 ComSouth High Tech Smokers 59
16 Dixie Que 56
17 Smarr Cooking Crew 52
18 Rub Shakers 49
19 Drive By Smokers 46
20 ET’s BBQ 46


complete standings click here

There are three ways to earn team points:

  1. Each category that the team enters earns the team 2 participation points for the three meat categories. Example if a team enters the Ribs, Pulled Pork, Pork Loin at a single event that team would earn 6 participation points.
  2. In all three categories (the Ribs, Pulled Pork, and Loin) teams are awarded point
    For any top ten finish. 1st place earns 10 points, 2nd place earns 9 points, and 3rd place earns 8 points and so on until 10th place earns 1 point.
    1st place Ribs = 10 points
    5th place Pulled pork = 6 points
    3rd place Pork Loin = 8 points
  3. A team is awarded 5 bonus points for the Grand Championship and the team that is awarded the Reserve Grand will also earn 5 bonus points.

The GBA contest year begins with the GBA State BBQ Championship, the Hambone Jam. At this contest, the GBA recognizes the team with the most points as well the TOP 10 teams from the just completed contest year. In addition to the awards given, these TOP 10 teams will get an invitation to compete in the Best of the Best.


















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