Team of the Year

A.K. Saville Team of the Year
for 2015-2016

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2015-2016 Total Team of the Year Payout – $7,500.00

Congratulations to Robby Royal & Rescue Smokers!

2015-2016 GBA Team of the Year

Final Standings
1 Rescue Smokers 445
2 Bubba Grills 257
3 Real South BBQ 218
4 92 BBQ 206
5 Southern Hogs 197
6 Just Blowing Smoke 196
7 Johnson Boys BBQ 179
8 Smokin 42 BBQ 146
9 Smokin the Good Stuff 127
10 CaJenn Smokin Que 126
11 We Want Que 121
12 Raging Smoke BBQ 114
13 Daddy-O’s BBQ 108
14 Captain Jacks Freedom BBQ Team 104
15 Old Henry BBQ 103
16 Budmeister’s BBQ 99
17 Forget Me Not BBQ 96
18 Rub Shakers Que 95
19 Bull Rush BBQ 93
20 Barbecue Crew 71

Each contest that the team enters earns the team 5 participation points regardless of the number of categories the team enters.

Full Standings Here

There are three ways to earn team points:

  1. In all three categories (the Ribs, Pulled Pork, and Loin) teams are awarded placement points for a top ten finish. 1st place earns 10 points, 2nd place earns 9 points, and 3rd place earns 8 points and so on until 10th place earns 1 point.
    1st place Ribs = 10 points
    5th place Pulled pork = 6 points
    3rd place Pork Loin = 8 points
  2. Five (5) bonus points are awarded to the teams that wins the Grand Championship and the Reserve Grand Championship.

The GBA contest year begins in September each year. For the 2015-2016 season, there will be three (3) contests that award double TOTY points.  For 2015-2016, double points contests will be in Griffin (Sept), Walton Co (March) and Hazlehurst (May).

At the end of year GBA Banquet, usually in August, the Team of the Year is recognized as the team with the most points accumulated throughout the year. The GBA awards banners and cash prizes to the Top 10 teams and awards banners to the 11th place to 20th place teams from the just completed contest year.  In addition, the GBA awards a Team of the Year banner to the top 5 teams in each of the 3 categories. Recognition is also given to the 2nd through 5th place teams in each category.


















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