So you want to put on a BBQ contest …

Putting on a BBQ contest is fun and rewarding but also a big undertaking. A well run contest requires a lot of planning and a group of dedicated volunteers willing to work. A BBQ contest by itself will generally will not be a big money maker or fund raiser unless you have several sponsors. Associating a contest with a established charitable event or festival is often helpful. This will provide your community a fun place to be introduced to  the world of competition barbecue.

GBA Sanctioning Packet


Why should I sanction my contest?

There are many benefits in having a BBQ contest sanctioned. The Georgia Barbecue Association (GBA) is one of the fastest growing barbecue sanctioning organizations in the south. The GBA has experience in both large and small contest operations. You will be able to rely on that extensive experience to assist you in development of your contest. A GBA sanctioned contest offers the organizer:

  1. Knowledge and expertise in organizing well run contests
  2. An established and reliable reputation
  3. A database of cook teams and judges
  4. A support system of contest representatives and other organizers to assist you
  5. The GBA helps you get established by waiving the sanctioning fee for first year contests.

You cannot have a BBQ contest without cook teams and judges. Sanctioning with the GBA assures your participants:

  1. The contest will be conducted in a professional manner
  2. A standard set of rules will be followed
  3. A fair judging process with trained judges
  4. The contest organizer will award prize monies as advertised

Some contests start off as non-sanctioned and work toward sanctioning. If you start as a sanctioned contest your event will run smoother and have more trust from the teams, judges and the general public. Sanctioning alone however, cannot guarantee the success of your event. As stated above it will still require a lot of planning and a dedicated team.

How to become sanctioned by the GBA:

  1. Select at least two or three dates for your contest.
  2. Read the Sanctioning Packet VERY Carefully. The packet will detail what is required to host a GBA contest.
  3. Contact any GBA Official listed on the Contact page with any questions and to discuss your possible dates.
  4. Complete the Sanctioning Packet  and mail it along with the proper sanctioning fee to the address on the form. Please keep a copy for future reference.
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