Judge Application Pigs & Wings 2013

Please fill out the form below to apply to judge at Pigs & Wings

Please note that applying with this form does not guarantee you will be selected to judge at the contest. Those selected to judge will receive a confirmation notice from the contest organizer or the GBA Lead Representative. The first confirmations will go out at least 2 weeks prior to the contest. Additional confirmations may be sent closer to the contest date if more teams sign up. If you are not a GBA member, you may still apply to judge the ancillary categories including brisket and chicken provided you are KCBS, MBN or FBA certified. Non-GBA Member should leave the GBA Member # blank and select NONE under GBA Judge Level. Be sure to select the organization you hold certification and enter your member # in the appropriate field. If you do not receive a confirmation, you are welcome to come to the contest and be placed on a standby list the morning of the event.
Enter only the last three digits of your number. DO NOT enter the leading zeros.
If you don't know your member #, click here
Trained Judge is one who has passed a GBA Judge Training Class. Certified Judge is a trained judge who has judged at least two previous GBA contests. Master Judges is a certifed judge who has met all the requirements of the GBA Master Judge program
Please list organization name along with member #
Brunswick Stew, Dessert & Margarita will be judged on Friday evening. Bloody Mary, Brisket & Chicken will be judged on Saturday.

In choosing any of the ancillaries above, you are indicating to the contest organizer you will be available for that category. It does not guarantee you will be selected by the organizer to judge.

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