GBA Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct
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Members of the Georgia Barbecue Association embrace the responsibility of conducting themselves in ways that reflect well on the Georgia Barbecue Association and competitive barbecue in general. The principles below are not intended to be comprehensive. They are guidance for members of the Georgia Barbecue Association relative to their personal interactions and what they can expect of fellow members.

1. Members of the Georgia Barbecue Association are honest and act with the highest degree of integrity in every occasion associated with competing, judging and conducting the business of the Georgia Barbecue Association.

2. Members of the Georgia Barbecue Association take personal responsibility for their actions, being current in their understanding the GBA rules, any local rules modifications/exceptions as discussed at the Cook’s Meeting or Judges Meeting and support each other during and outside of competitions.

3. Members of the Georgia Barbecue Association will assure that their behavior and the behavior of the people that they are accountable for at competitions is positive and appropriate at all times.

4. Members of the Georgia Barbecue Association will avoid any actions or behaviors that would be detrimental to the positive perception of the Georgia Barbecue Association or competitive Barbecue.

Violations of the code of conduct will be responded to as dictated by the violation and  the context of the violation. Isolated violations will (until proven otherwise) be assumed to be mistakes rather than intentional. Where possible, individual violations will be used as learning  opportunities and handled as informally as possible.

Violations that occur at competitions are to be brought to the attention of the Contest Representative. Isolated violations will be handled as informally as possible with the appropriate pit master, judge or GBA official. Violations that compromise public safety or the integrity of the competition may result in a specific individual being asked to leave the competition or the disqualification of the entire team.

An egregious violation of the code of conduct, a pattern of violations or any other action that may seriously compromise the mission of the GBA will be addressed by the GBA Board of Directors. The Board of Directors reserves the right to review any violation even after it was resolved at a competition. Ultimately, depending on the specific details, an individual act or pattern of actions that reflect poorly on the GBA may result in the revocation of a GBA Member’s membership for life.

GBA Code of Conduct

Revised  September 13,2015

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