Aug 09 2016

Board of Directors Meeting – July 30, 2016

Georgia Barbecue Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

July 30, 2016

Perry, Georgia


Called to order by Rick Godfrey

Attending:  Rick Godfrey, Danny Meadows, Greg Hoyt, Lois Sebastian, Jim Sewell, Alex Khoury, and Danny Evans

Membership Present: Greg Sebastian, Ed Vesely, Brian Bond, Robby Royal, Stephanie Royal, Danny Smith, Mike Holland, Travis James, John Ricketson, Ed Humphreys, Kay James, Chuck East, and Carrie East

Action Motion Second Vote
To accept the Treasurer’s Financials and P&L Report Rick Godfrey Danny Meadows Approved


To require cook teams to put at least 8 pieces of meat in turn-in boxes Jim Sewell Danny Meadows Motion Withdrawn
To move turn-in times up by 30 minutes Jim Sewell Alex Khoury Approved


To require trophies or plaques for 1st through 3rd place in each category Lois Sebastian Danny Meadows Approved


To amend Master Judge contest record forms as proposed Lois Sebastian Danny Evans Approved


To adopt the use of table captains during judging Lois Sebastian Danny Evans Approved


To require there be at least 100 miles between two contests on the same weekend Lois Sebastian Danny Meadows Approved


To approve the following contest designations:

State Championship—Milledgeville

Double Points—Canton, Thomaston, and Douglas

Rick Godfrey Danny Evans Approved


(Jim Sewell abstained)

To adopt the Cooking for Fun rules presented by Greg Hoyt with the insertion of “pitmaster” in the following sentence:

“No member of a CFF team may have participated as a PITMASTER of a professional cook team in any barbecue event (sanctioned or unsanctioned) in the past.”

Greg Hoyt Jim Sewell Approved


To prohibit a family member of a pitmaster from judging in a contest where the pitmaster is cooking.  For purposes of this rule, “family member” is defined as a parent, child, sibling, or spouse.

Amended to add “living in the same household” to the definition of a family member for purposes of this rule.

Greg Hoyt

Amendment by Alex Khoury

Jim Sewell Approved


To allow a judge to socialize with cook teams when the judge has completed judging for the day Greg Hoyt Rick Godfrey Approved


Executive Session      
Meeting adjourned      


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