Jan 30 2014

Judge Training Class Set for Acworth, GA

logoredA judge training class has been scheduled for March 8, 2014 in Acworth, GA. The class will be held at the Roberts School at 4681 School Street.

Sign in for the call begins at 11:30 AM.  The class will begin at 1:00 PM. The class lasts approximately 3 hours. A meal will be served following the class.

Membership in the GBA is required to take the class. Membership fees are $35 for individuals or $50 for a family membership. Family memberships are limited to two adults living in the same household. The fee for the class is $35 per person. Fees are paid by cash or personal check at sign in. If paying with cash, please have the correct amount.

In order to expedite the sign in process, please download a Membership Application & have it filled out prior to arriving.

Seating is limited . Each person who wishes to take the judge training class must fill out the form below to reserve a seat. If both husband and wife plan to attend, each needs to fill out the form. below.


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    my submission says there is a problem? what is the problem? member ID 000767

    1. Jim

      Frank, your application was accepted

  2. Gene Powell

    I’m not a GBA member. Can I enroll in this class and pay the membership fee along with the class fee at sign in?

    1. Jim Sewell

      Yes you can

      1. Gene Powell

        Thanks I appreciate it.

  3. Wes P.

    I signed up for the class, but it came up and said there were problems with my submission. Did you receive a submission from me or do I need to do it again?

    1. Jim Sewell

      I do not see an entry for you. Please try again

  4. Daniel Waters

    Did both me and my wife Karri Waters get in? It says there is a problem with Daniel Waters

    1. Jim Sewell

      Karri did. Daniel did not. Please try again

      1. Daniel Waters

        Did it go through that time?

        1. Jim Sewell

          I see a Kari & a Timmothy Waters.

          1. Daniel Waters

            Autofill…thanks for the help!

  5. Gene Powell

    People seem to be having a problem signing up for the class. Can I just make sure my application was accepted?

    1. Jim Sewell

      You are registered.

  6. Steve

    I received an error message when submitting my application. This seems to be consistent with other postings on the board. Therefore, I want to confirm that my application was received, and that I can pay the membership fee on March 8.

    1. Jim Sewell

      Steve, I do not see an entry for you. I apologize for the problems. I have changed a couple of settings on the form & tested it. Seems to be working fine now. Please resubmit your app.

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