Nov 23 2014

A Grand Time in Albany for Dobey Que

A Grand Time in Albany for Dobey Que

(pictures courtesy of Donald Tilton of Classic Impression)

The Quail Classic Event in Albany, GA and the Georgia Barbecue Association joined forces for the first time.  The event was held at the Stonebridge Country Club.  The teams and judges enjoyed the hospitality of this unique venue especially the different twist on a people’s choice contest with their Hospitality Challenge.

David Hair, cooking for the first time in GBA as Dobey Que, got the final call of the day and the Grand Championship.

Grand Champion - Dobey Que

Grand Champion – Dobey Que

Kerry Sparks of LawDawg BBQ continued her strong run of contests by making finals in both Loin and Pulled Pork along with a 6th place finish in Ribs.  The gave LawDawg BBQ the top cumulative score across the three categories in the preliminary rounds and the Reserve Championship.

Reserve Champion - LawDawg BBQ

Reserve Champion – LawDawg BBQ


Fiddler's BBQ

Fiddler’s BBQ


Shirley & Harvey Wills of Fiddlers BBQ won the People”s Choice Hospitality Challenge.  H  & J Cooking Team took second place with Marky Mark’s Smoking Butts capturing third place.


Dobey Que’s Grand Championship Loin entry topped the category with LawDawg BBQ as runner-up and H & J Cooking Team in third.place.  Fourth place went to Old Henry’s BBQ, fifth place went to Real South BBQ and sixth place went to Fiddler’s BBQ.  Just Blowing Smoke took seventh place with Hungry Hog BBQ in eighth place. The ninth place call went to Southern Hogs with 92 BBQ/Assassin Smokers rounding out the top 10.




LawDawg BBQ had to top Pulled Pork Box of the contest.  Hungry Hog BBQ was a close second.  Real South BBQ took third place.  Fourth place went to Fiddler’s BBQ and fifth place went to Just Blowing Smoke.  Southern Hogs grabbed sixth place; H & J Cooking team grabbed seventh and Durt Road Smokers grabbed eighth place.  92 BBQ/Assassin Smokers and Old Henry’s BBQ finished ninth and tenth respectively.

Real South BBQ

Real South BBQ


In Ribs, it was Tim Coleman and Real South BBQ for the win. Second place went to 92 BBQ/Assassin Smokers.  Dobey Que took third place with Southern Hogs in fourth.  Just Blowing Smoke and LawDawg BBQ tied for fifth place with Just Blowing Smoke getting the nod on the 4th tiebreaker.  H &  Cooking Team came in seventh place. There was also a tie for eighth place and it went to the 5th tiebreaker before Fiddler’s BBQ edged out Old Henry’s BBQ.  Hungry Hog got the tenth place call

The Georgia Barbecue Association would like to thank the administration and staff of Stonebridge Country Club for putting on an outstanding contest.

Full Results:

LOIN  Pullled Pork RIBS
1 280 Dobey Que 1 596.9 Law Dawg BBQ 1 597.4 Real South BBQ
2 594.4 Law Dawg BBQ 2 595.3 Hungry Hog BBQ 2 594.2 92BBQ/Assassin Smokers
3 588.7 H&J Cooking Team 3 589.3 Real South BBQ 3 590 Dobey Que
4 586.2 Old Henrys BBQ 4 586.9 Fiddlers BBQ 4 584.2 Southern Hogs
5 582.8 Real South BBQ 5 585.7 Just Blowing Smoke 5 583.91 Just Blowing Smoke
6 580.3 Fiddlers BBQ 6 581.6 Southern Hogs 6 583.9 Law Dawg BBQ
7 578.6 Just Blowing Smoke 7 581.5 H&J Cooking Team 7 583.3 H&J Cooking Team
8 578.3 Hungry Hog BBQ 8 577.6 Durt Road Smokers 8 580.31 Fiddlers BBQ
9 566.3 Southern Hogs 9 576.2 92BBQ/Assassin Smokers 9 580.3 Old Henrys BBQ
10 563.8 92BBQ/Assassin Smokers 10 573.8 Old Henrys BBQ 10 579.3 Hungry Hog BBQ
11 561.4 Marky Marks Smoking Butts 11 560.3 Marky Marks Smoking Butts 11 572.7 Durt Road Smokers
12 545.7 Durt Road Smokers 12 0 Dobey Que 12 556.2 Marky Marks Smoking Butts


 Reserve Scores
Loin Pork Ribs
1 Law Dawg BBQ 598.8 592.1 583.9 1774.8
2 Real South BBQ 582.8 590.1 591.8 1764.7
3 H&J Cooking Team 588.5 581.5 583.3 1753.3
4 Just Blowing Smoke 578.6 585.7 583.91 1748.21
5 Fiddlers BBQ 580.3 586.9 580.31 1747.51
6 Hungry Hog BBQ 578.3 587.8 579.3 1745.4
7 Old Henrys BBQ 586.2 573.8 580.3 1740.3
8 92BBQ/Assassin Smokers 563.8 576.2 596.4 1736.4
9 Southern Hogs 566.3 581.6 584.2 1732.1
10 Durt Road Smokers 545.7 577.6 572.7 1696
11 Marky Marks Smoking Butts 561.4 560.3 556.2 1677.9
12 Dobey Que 596.7 0 594.5 1191.2

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