Mar 10 2014

GBA Judge Training Class Held

GBA Judge Training Class Held


The Georgia Barbecue Association, in association with the North Cobb Rotary Club and the Smoke on the Water BBQ Festival, held a judge training class at the Roberts School in Acworth, GA on March 8, 2014.  Forty three new judges were trained and became eligible to judge in GBA sanctioned contests.

DSCF2455  DSCF2456  DSCF2459

Interactive Whiteboards by PolyVision

Conducting the class was GBA Vice President & Master Judge Jim Sewell and GBA Director and Master Judge Greg Hoyt.  Also assisting with the class was Jeff Bass, of the North Cobb Rotary Club, GBA President Danny Meadows,  GBA contest representatives Greg & Lois Sebatian, GBA Judges Ken Foy, Carrie Oakes, Chuck East and Lucy Sewell.  Cooking for the class was the team Smoke Ring Afficionados.  

 DSCF2462  DSCF2461  DSCF2457

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