Aug 06 2013

President Harry Faircloth

harry2President Harry Faircloth

Hello to all of The Georgia Barbecue Association members and guests.

We have just finished our election process for the 2013-2015 cook years. I am very proud to tell you that we have a highly qualified slate of officers to run the Association for the next two years.

Mr. Danny Meadows will be your President. He has a list of qualifications from Jackson to Brunswick.  He has years of experience as an organizer, an event co-coordinator, a judge and cook.  Believe it or not he can cook!

Mr. Jim Sewell will be your Vice President. Jim runs our web site and does an outstanding job.  I can’t begin to tell you how helpful he has been to me the past several years. He also is an event organizer, judge and cook but not competition. However Lucy, his wife, says he can cook up some pretty fair bbq himself.

Mrs. Pam Nelms will continue to be your Secretary Treasurer.  Pam has worked very diligently the past years to help grow our trained judges. She and her husband, our past Vice President Jimmy Nelms. have done a great job of running our judges training classes.  Pam will continue to handle our communications with the members as needed. And, she is also the lady that collects your dues—-if you haven’t paid yours yet you need to do so.

As my farewell is at hand, let me tell you it has been a heck-of-a-ride!  I can’t begin to thank all of you that have supported The Georgia Barbecue Association and have gone out of your way to help us grow and become more successful.  It is really good to see many of our contests are increasing their pay-outs, some as high as $10, $12 and $13,000.00.  As these pay-outs have increased, of course, we have had more pit masters come on board.  Teams from Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and even from as far away as Texas and Iowa have competed in our events just this year.

We have some very fine judges in our stable now and they know their “stuff”. They will give you fair and honest scores.  Every contest brings a different set of qualified judges to different tables. I have monitored tables and I see some outstanding scoring by our judges.

I ask that you support your new slate of officers and give them the same support you have given me. Lets make this next year more successful by working hand-in-hand –, judges, cooks and EVERYBODY.  Don’t forget to communicate with the Board of Directors so they can get a better feel for what is going on. Always feel free to make suggestions. They do listen.

Farewell and welcome onboard Danny, Jim and Pam.


  1. Giles O'Neal


    I think you have done a wonderful job as president. It has been a pleasure to watch the organization grow in both size and excellence. Now you have got to join us at the judges table and start the really hard work of judging 10’s vs 10’s.


  2. John Ricketson

    Harry: I know that you have worked your tail off the past couple of years to improve the contests and to bring new venues into the schedule. You can now take some time off and rest a little. Now, you can sit down at the judging table with us and judge some of the finest BBQ in the nation. Now, you won’t have to stand around, watch, and wait until last to taste “the best of the table”.

    You, rest of the officers, and the board members have managed to sharpen the judging aptitude of all of the judges to the point where there is very seldom any noticeable deviation in the scores at a table. That means the judges are “spot-on” in their ability to accurately discern the subtle differences in samples that are very close in taste and quality.

    Thanks, John Note: The author was not paid for the preceding evaluation :~)

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