Jun 22 2013

Judge Training Class Set for August


Judge Training Class Set for August

A judge training class has been scheduled for August 17, 2013 in Perry, GA. The class will be held at the New Perry Hotel. Sign in for the call begins at 1:00 PM.  The class will begin at 2:00 PM. The class lasts approximately 3 hours. A meal will be served following the class.  

Membership in the GBA is required to take the class. Membership fees are $35 for individuals or $50 for a husband/wife couple. The fee for the class is $30 per person. Fees are paid by cash or personal check at sign in.

In order to expedite the sign in process, please download a Membership Application & have it filled out prior to arriving.

Seating is limited . Each person who wishes to take the judge training class must fill out the form below to reserve a seat. If both husband and wife plan to attend, each needs to fill out the form..

Judge Training Class Reservation Form


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    My wife Tammie and I both are going to become members of the GBA. I have printrd out the application, and we both are interested in the judging class on August 17th in Perry, Ga.

  2. eric novelli

    I sent you a $50 check for me and my wife 2/28/13 #170

  3. Tommy

    I will be printing out the GBA Membership App. next weekandmailing in the dues. Will see yall at the judging class August 17th.. Thanks

  4. Jonathan Scott

    My wife and I are joining th GBA. I will be mailing off member dues today. We both want to attend the judging training class in Perry on August 17th. Please save us a spot. My wife will kill me if not. Thanks

  5. Lisa Scott

    My husband mailed membership app fee off today and we both look forward to being in Perry on August 17th.

  6. Steve Krasnoff

    When is the next training class for judges? I was out of town for the most recent one in August, but am interested in attending.

    Thank you for any updates you can provide.

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