Feb 12 2012

Holy Smokes Takes Title at Piece Co. Pig Pickin’

Grand Champion Holy Smokes

Blackshear, GA – Can you smell what Holy Smokes is cooking?  At the Pierce Co. Pig Pickin’, it smelled like perfection as Gary & Dionn Lanton tallied a perfect 600 score in Pork Loin Finals to claim the Grand Championship & the unique title belt trophy.   D.W.’s Kountry Cookers and Jack’s New South tied for the highest cumulative score from the preliminary rounds.  The teams were still tied after the first tiebreaker, the total of taste scores from the three categories. On the second tiebreaker, total of overall impression scores, D.W.’s Kountry Cookers had a 1 point advantage and took home the Reserve Grand Championship.

Reserve Grand Champion D.W.'s Kountry Cookers

The perfect 600 score gave Holy Smokes first in Pork Loin. D.W.’s Kountry Cookers came in second. Holy Smokers & Jack’s New South finished third & fourth respectively. Sauced Hogs Smoke Shack edged out The Pampered Pig for fifth place after going to the third tiebreaker, the most number of 10’s awarded in the category.

In Pork, D.W.’s Kountry Cookers tallied a near perfect 599.1 score to capture the first place trophy. Jack’s New South was second with Smokin’ AJ’s in third. The Pampered Pig, cooking in their first GBA contest , continued their strong showing claiming fourth place.  There was also a tie for fifth place in Pork with Fat Boys Smoking BBQ edging out Sauced Hog Smoke Shack on the second tiebreaker.

First Place Ribs Jack's New South

Jack’s New South also had a near perfect score of 599.1 to win the Ribs category with Rescue Smokers as runner-up. Bethel Smokers, D.W.s Kountry Cookers & Sunset Smokers rounded out the top five.

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