Feb 27 2012

From President Harry Faircloth

From President Harry Faircloth

Congratulations to Bethel Smokers on the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP and to Reserve Champs Smokin’ 42 BBQ at  THE PIGS and WINGS in Perry Gerorgia

To all of you that participated in this past week-ends “Pigs and Wings” contest in Perry Georgia,  Thank you for making Audrey’s event such a success.  Last count we had 58 cook teams from Georgia, Florida, Alabama and I understand South Carolina.  WOW!

The weather tried not to cooperate but you BBQ”ers didn’t let it stand in your way.  I saw a lot of cooperation between cook teams helping out with tarps, helping with ideas and suggestions to some of the newer cook teams.  All of you owe yourself a hand.

We had some newly trained judges that did a super job,  It looks like Pam & Jimmy Nelms and Mr Kay Saville did a good job at the last training class.

If any of you that participated as a judge or cook team have comments or suggestions that would help the GBA do a better job or if you have any comments about the event that would help “Pigs and Wings” do a better job please e-mail me at hlfcloth@bellsouth.net.

I do believe that Audrey and Danny have thrown down the gaunlet to everyone that “Pigs and Wings” are not to be taken lightly.  Thanks to everyone that helped out and to all of the sponsors I believe you got your money’s worth.

Harry Faircloth

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